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I’m old. And a failure at retirement. I recently moved back to my hometown (Tehachapi, California), after living on the southern Oregon coast for six years. Oregon was great, but it’s good to be home.

When I finish unpacking, I’m going to get busy updating my websites and spend more time on family history and related research and writing. There is, I know, a long winter ahead and that should be a great way to fill my time.

I love history and I’m fascinated by natural resources management. Where I live (in Central California) that means everything related to water and wildfire. I want to learn and write more about these topics.

I believe in the maxim, “find a need and fill it,” so currently I’m doing some freelance journalism and open to working on projects where words are needed. I like to help people get their message across.

Old journalists don’t retire, they just start a blog. I know, I’ve started several. The purpose of this one? It’s a place to share thoughts that have no other place to be. For what that’s worth.

When you set up a blog, you establish “categories.” So far, for this one, I have (alpha order): Aging, Books, Family, Food, Genealogy, History, Journalism, Newspapers and Tehachapi (where I live now and also my hometown). These are just a few of the topics that are often on my mind.

Where to start? How often to post? I’m not sure about either. We’ll see…