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Old journalists don’t retire, they just start a blog

Covering news in the ‘olden days’

I wrote this as a guest commentary for the Tehachapi News, the weekly newspaper in my hometown (where my husband and I returned to live last summer). It seems appropriate to share here: The odd set of circumstances that I call my life means that I’m celebrating a...

About me, part 2

When I worked as a newspaper editor, I learned (the hard way) to never publish the first part of a multi-article series unless I had all parts in hand. But my last post was published in November and I’m just writing part 2 at the end of January. Perhaps this “About...

About me, part 1

I’m old. And a failure at retirement. I recently moved back to my hometown (Tehachapi, California), after living on the southern Oregon coast for six years. Oregon was great, but it’s good to be home. When I finish unpacking, I’m going to get busy updating my websites...